Sunday, 7 September 2014

Design Team

Design Team Layout

Morning everyone

I am pleased to unveil my first layout for "Nuts about Sketches" design team.  I hope you like it.

The papers used for this are from Scrap Collection a company from Cape Town South Africa.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Design Team

Design Team

Nuts About Sketches

I am really happy to announce that I have been selected to join the design team for Nuts about Sketches.
Please do yourself a favour and visit this inspirational blog.  You will find yourself being inspired by the sketches.  So be prepared to lose yourself.  Have fun and I look forward to seeing you there. Here is the link have fun.



I've finished the sneak peak layout.  I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sneak Peek


This is the current layout I'm working on.

The finished layout and pictorial on the way with full instructions.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Instruction Sheet 001 - Memories

If you like the Memories layout for my previous blog here is the instructions for your personal use.  I hope you enjoy and find them helpful.  Have fun......


Materials Required

3 x Pink Card Stock
2 x Dovecraft Garden Party – Spots – (PPA)
1 x Dovecraft Garden Party – Stripes – (PPB)
1 X Dovecraft Garden Party – Large Flowers – (PPC)
1 x Memory Maze Large words – Memories
4x Memory Maze Mini Words in Script
Bric Brac – Green
1 x Chipboard sentiment
2 x Memory Maze Mini Photo Corners
1 x Memory Maze Scallop Frame Large
1 x Memory Maze Scallop frame Small
2 x Memory Maze Scallop centres – small

Photos Required

1 x 16cm x 12cm – Horizontal
1 x 13.5cm x 13.5 – Horizontal
1 x 9cm x 13cm – Vertical
1 x 8cm x 13ck – Vertical
1 x 9cm x 9cm – Horizontal

Cutting Requirements for Pattern Papers - PP

.               Cut 2 Spots – PPA - 20cm x 20cm
.               Cut 2 Stripes – PPB - 10cm x 20cm
.               Cut 2 Large Flowers – PPC – 10.5cm 29cm

Page One

Place PPA  in the bottom left corner leaving a 0.5cm boarder as shown.
Place PPB  in the bottom right corner leaving a 0.5cm boarder.
Place PPC  Flowers at the top of the page leaving a 0.5cm boarder.
Attach Bric Brac to the bottom on PPC.
Ink Chipboard as shown.
Matt 9cm x 13cm photo and place 3cm from the bottom of page on the right as shown.
Adhere 13.5cm 13.5cm photo to the large scallop frame removing any excess photo and attach on PPA  as shown.
Place jewels as shown
Adhere title on PPC as shown and decorate with jewels.

Page Two

Place PPA in bottom right corner leaving 0.5cm boarder.
Place PPB in the bottom left corner leaving 0.5cm boarder
Place PPC at top of page leaving 0.5cm boarder.
Attach bric brac along the bottom of PPC
Adhere 9cm x 9cm photo to small scallop frame and decorate with jewels. Attach to top left corner as shown.
Adhere mini sentiment words to right hand side of PPC as shown.
Attach 8cm x 13cm photo on PPB 3cm from the bottom as shown.
Attach 16cm x 12cm on PPA 3cm from the right as shown
Attach corners diagonally as shown
Attach mini words to scallop centres, decorate with jewels and adhere to PPA as shown.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Cameo Silhoutte

Here are some of the down loadables that I have used for my card projects.  As you can see it is the same base card but by changing the colour of the card stock and embellishments they look so different.


Oh well I'm one happy girl (maybe not so much the other half) I've been shopping to stock my sanctuary.
I almost over loaded, but not quiet.
New papers, card stock, ink, chipboard's, ribbons, paints etc.

One of my favourite purchases is my Cameo Silhouette.
i bought the Silhouette bundle at the Scrap-a-Doddles in South Africa sale.  Money well spent!!!

I am still learning but have found it to be one of my most useful tools.


You just can't beat the little plastic boxes for storage of small things like brads, eyelets and buttons.

One thing I have learnt after arriving in Africa with no crafting supplies.  Waste not wont not.  I store my scrap papers and card stock to be used at a later date.
I have separated the card stock and pattern papers into two divided containers. I then sorted them into colours, which makes finding the right colour later on easy.

What a score this was.
A friend had been told to get rid of theses racks.  They had no base and did not stand.
Well I turned up home with them all smiles and said to the other half " look what I have". He rolled his eyes and said wheres the base. I just smiled back " Not sure if you made it yet".
This is what he came up with.  Allowing the racks to spin so everything can be seen and reach easily.  What a champ.

I took the liberty of raiding the camping equipment and borrowing the ammo boxes.  They make great paper storage containers.  Hope the other half doesn't notice their missing. lol


 Ribbons.  I love them.  But forget what I have.  So this is how I over came that problem.

I threaded some bull dog clips on a string. which I hang from the curtain rods.

I then sorted my looses ribbons into colours.  Easy to see and easy to release and use.

 This gem was constructed in 15 minutes by my man.  Made from scraps. The rack stops the ribbons from tangling.

My piece of heaven

We've moved house and one of the criteria was a crafting room for me. And did he find one.  I now have an amazing work space. Hope I don't forget to cook now.  lol.

Just some snap shots of the work area.

As you can see it it is the size of a double garage.  I know if I fill it I'm in trouble.

Multi Photo Layout

 In this layout I used two of matte board multi frames from Memory Maze and wishi tape.

The technic of the two tone inking is an easy one that gives a dramatic effect.

Two achieve this effect ink the subject with the lightest coloured in first and let dry.  The choose the area you wish to cover with the dark / contrasting colour and ink over the top.

Chipboard gone wild

WOW - Paper Piecing

The sight of my very first wild African Elephant left me speechless.  This was the inspiration for this layout.
Most of my layouts are all about the photos and how the moment made me feel.

This layout was one of the first layout I completed in Africa.  I paper pieced this cute elephant embellishment.

This little fellow is not a new technique but just added that extra something to the layout.

My First Post

Well here it goes my first blog post.

Since arriving in Botswana Africa two years ago, from Australia, I have found the time to do more of some of my favorite things.

Yep paper crafting.

I laugh at myself that now I have the time, my children inherited all my crafting stash I left in Australia and I have one box.  Well what a good excuse to shop!

I have started this blog to share with my fellow crafters out there some of my ideas and inspirations.  I hope you enjoy my projects as much as I have enjoyed completing them.

Most of the photos in my projects are from our various adventures we have had while exploring and falling in love with Africa.

When first arriving my supplies was very limited and it has tought me to look out side the box and to return to the basics.  I have found that I am enjoying this style at the moment.

 As you will notice I love my chipboard.  And find most of my layouts have it there in one shape or form.

Beauty and the Wildebeest was a tongue and cheek laugh at the subject.  As part of the ugly 5, I thought I would have to give the subject (the Wildebeest) a softer and feminine themed page.

I was amazed while driving through the Central Kalahari this day of the amount of sand storms. In Australia called a Willie Willie.  In order to show case this many photos I used a multi frame layout.